Kiri "Mariposa" Hall - the musical biography

Kiri has been a musician singing and playing in various bands since the early '90s. First with "Outlaw" as a singer, then with "Sonic Moon" as a singer, next with "Decades" as a singer, then with a family band called "Exit 303", as singer turned singer/bass player then "Mark Starr and The Screen Doors" as singer/bass player,  singer/bass player for "Crazy Heart", then most recently as singer/bass player for "The 303 Band". This musical history takes us up to March 2020 when the pandemic changed everyones lives forever. 

Additionally for about ten years Kiri has been hired to play as a fill in soloist for daytime entertainment at Big Nose Kates in Tombstone when the 'regular' performers took time off. She would accompany herself playing keyboard and sometimes acoustic six string guitar. 

Kiri has been playing music and singing with husband, Greg (who plays electric lead guitar), from the beginning in the early 90s. She even was a hired gun bass player fill-in for his Rolling Stones tribute band, "Running Hot" during their debut in San Carlos, Mexico, Sonora. 

Kiri has been singing with her family ever since she was a small child. Christmas, Thanksgiving, road trips, school choirs, musical theater and so on.

Her musical taste is eclectic.  Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Aretha Franklin, Pam Tillis, Shania Twain, Earnest Tubb, Patsy Cline, Bloodhound Gang, ZZ Top, Bad Co, Pat Benetar are just a handful of artists whose music she has performed over the years.

If you have known Kiri and Greg for any amount of time, it is very likely you have experienced Kiri singing at a party, a gig, a campfire or just acapella 'anywhere.' 

Fast forward to Spring 2023. A few years of 'sober living' due to personal circumstance, has been the break she and husband Greg needed, to take some time off to focus on other priorities. Still sober, Greg and Kiri (joined with Kiri's uncle Mark Eaton) are stepping out to begin a new chapter of music - leaning heavily on classic rock while still dusting off some country music from time to time.

'Kiri Mariposa' played its first show in April 2022 for a fundraiser in Los Angeles, California. Stay tuned for more dates to come!