Contractors etc

Builders / General Contractors

Century Complete  520-308-6195
CM Construction 520-720-9308
Desert Edge Construction  520-221-1770
Hickory Construction  520-586-1965
Maak One Concrete 520-221-0950
MC2 Construction   520-586-7995
MLBF Construction  520-335-5509

Cleaning / Cleanouts

Arlena Vanaglash 520-442-4319

Absolute Access  520-720-8037
Chris Davis 520-720-5158
Loyal Gephart  520-221-3188
Lucky's Handyman Services  989-395-8115
Alex Lercher 520-686-0365
S&L Property Management 520-414-9185
Salomon Gonzales 520-720-8037


A & L Electric   520-686-2785
Ground Up Electric  520-278-1686
Garrett Electric   520-221-0569
Giant Electric  520-586-8944
Trejo Refrigeration and Electrical  520-221-0194

Garage Door

Absolute Access  520-720-8037


A&J Locksmith (Willcox / Safford) 928-651-1937
Mikes Lock & Key (Willcox/Safford) 928-651-0404


Eagle Plumbing  520-720-4675
Chris Butler 520-461-5025
Mr. Rooter  520-226-0681
Simmons Fluid Solutions 520-226-1469


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Homeowners Edge Roofing 480-667-9545
Roofing Solutions    520-838-0898
Sparkman   520-686-0569

Excavation / Concrete

Brandon The Beast   520-221-1157
Maak One Concrete  520-221-0950

Landscaping / Yard Work

3Ds Landscaping  520-220-7205
Grasshopper Landscaping 520-456-8945
Top of the Line Outdoor Services  520-686-3927


Local Realty Tours - Mark Cline 520-236-6864

This List of Providers is being provided as a courtesy to those who are looking for professionals in the specified areas. The list of providers at the time of this entry were still actively in business serving our local area. This is not an indication of quality or preference No one on this list has paid to be included, and this list may change from time to time. If you are a company providing services in any of these specialties and wish to be included, please send information  to mariposarealtypros@gmail.comWe do not compensate anyone for referrals.